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Twitter Bans Political Advertising: What Experts Have To Say?

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Twitter is and always have been one of the top social media platforms to facilitate open conversations across the globe. The messages or posts which Twitter famously calls “Tweet” has been a voice of millions of people since its inception in 2006. It has been a place for good constructive ideas be it political or social and at the same time a great platform for the meek and weak to demonstrate hate speeches. Politicians from across the oceans use this platform day and night. President of the United States is very infamous for using this platform along with senators and the same for our country(not getting into details now). Twitter now finally removing the scope for any political advertising has made the world an interesting place again. Here’s what the experts have to say-

Akshay Popawala

“Among all social media platforms, Twitter has always provided a direct link between known personalities and their followers”, says Akshay Popawala, Co-Founder and Director of Digital Communication/strategy, Togglehead. Akshay believes that the ban, “does not wipe out Twitter from the communication funnel of political parties/candidates, it promotes transparency.”

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“Having to earn the same audience that you would pay to communicate with earlier, it allows the true freedom of speech. Further, as a marketer, I believe the reins to maintaining the truth are in your hand. Keeping legal and humanitarian ethics in mind, we must act as gatekeepers to all the content we deliver,” he adds.

Shivaji Dubey

“I personally think that it’s a good step taken by Twitter. It will help in curbing misleading information on Twitter. This is the right decision for democracy & I agree with Jack Dorsey that political messages should be conveyed through popular support and shouldn’t be bought,” says Shivaji Dubey, Media & Digital Communication Consultant, I-PAC.

Mehul Gupta

The Co-Founder and CEO of SoCheers say, “I see this as a step in the right direction towards making the internet a better place to spend time on.”

Sameer Makani

Sameer Makani, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Makani Creatives, says, “Political advertisements have always been an area of concern for social media platforms given how there isn’t enough regulation on the narrative of the ads leading to propaganda and bias opinions that are driven by communication instead of reality.”

On day to day basis, we see prestigious social media platforms getting defamed by the heavy influx of wrong or fake messages. This decision from Twitter shows how it is hell-bent on destroying the possibility of any fake stuff on the platform, one step at a time.




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