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Digital Campaigns That Clicked With The Industry Experts In 2019

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It’s time to say goodbye to another year, another decade and we had such a beautiful year for businesses. Until, of course the economic slowdown, but so many digital companies launched campaigns to make market steady again. Brands now not only be constrained to their advertisements but they go beyond and reach their audience with Social Media. They go to multiple platforms to send their message across. Corporate Social Responsibility has become a necessity for any company to succeed. It has helped both Businesses and society alike. We went and tried to find out what creative experts of the industry felt about year changing digital-campaigns.

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Here is a look on their choices

Vishal Chinchankar- Chief Digital Officer of Madison World.

Choice 1- ‘Kuch Apna Sa’ by Godrej Nest.

“One of my favourite digital campaigns is “Kuch Apna Sa” of Godrej Nest as this campaign was a masterpiece, brilliantly designed using social sign-in to make the customer feel at home. The results were outstanding delivering unheard scale.”

Choice 2- ‘Code Name URI’

“This is another brilliant campaign, it’s a classic example of how traditional ideas can be bought alive in the digital world.”

Shekhar Mhaskar- Chief Growth Officer of Isobar India
Choice 1- ‘KeralaIsOpen’ by Samsonite
Choice 2- ‘GoodNewsIsGenderfree’ by Prega News
Choice 3- ‘PowerlessQueen’ by the NGO Nanhi Kali
Choice 4- ‘Project Streedhan’ by FCB Ulka.

“There are several, largely because the campaigns didn’t come out of a cookie-cutter. Every brand/ agency has put its best foot forward to create impact-full integrated campaigns by way of judicious use of films, social, creative, technology, etc. Topping it all was the apt use of Voice, Video, and Vernacular.”

Vishal Sagar- Creative Director of Dentsu Webchutney
Choice- ‘Propah Lady’ by Puma

“From insightful work to innovations & technology, 2019 had it all. It is difficult to pick one campaign over the other, but since I have to, I will go with – ‘Propah Lady’ by Puma. The campaign thought is not new. We have seen many renditions of the same thought in the past few years. However, the execution is commendable. It is the craft that makes the campaign stand out for me. The campaign articulation is young, fresh and unapologetic. Selection of celebrities is brave and the way they have been presented is quite refreshing.”

Anusheela Saha- Group Creative Director of FCB Ulka
Choice 1- ‘Barbershop girl’ by Gillette India

“I am sure it wasn’t easy after creating an internet storm with the global MeToo inspired ad, for brand Gillette to be back with inspiring digital content. But the ‘Barbershop Girls’ managed to do that. A beautifully captured true story of two women who have debunked gender stereotypes and went on to run their father’s barbershop. It’s the tango between the brand and the story that makes the piece stand out among hundreds of pieces of content – on ‘inspiring true stories’.”

Choice 2- ‘Project Streedhan’ by FCB Ulka

“How often have we seen Indian women being shown to enjoy a hearty meal. The last time I saw a piece as beautiful as this was when Rituparna Ghosh in Chokher Bali deftly captured Binodini’s joy at secretly eating forbidden-for-widows chocolate. Project Streedhan surfaced during Dhanteras and made a huge impact. An anaemia awareness campaign that wasn’t garbed like a CSR message and maybe that’s why it stood out. The placement – the timing – the message and the digital activation that followed, everything was well thought through.”

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Harikrishnan Pillai- CEO and Co-Founder of TheSmallBigIdea.
Choice1- ‘#SwiggyVoiceOfHunger’
Choice 2- Bala Campaign by movie ‘Bala’

“The year 2019 saw quite a number of good campaigns, however, my personal favourites are #SwiggyVoiceOfHunger by Swiggy for its uber quirky execution for something as simple as a platform feature and #ShareTheLoad by Ariel for its contextual communication. Another personal favourite is the ‘Bala’ movie campaign done by us for the spectrum of content created and its impact on the film’s chatter”

Akshay Popawala- Director and Co-Founder of  Digital Communication/Strategy, Togglehead
Choice 1- ‘#Tasteofmotherhood’ by Gits

“A special campaign we ran this year was #TasteOfMotherhood, for our FMCG brand Gits. The DVC, which formed a major part of our campaign was one of the first films conceptualized and produced by our production department, Togglehead Studios. The success of this endearing film was soon followed by another campaign film called #ThankYouBhaiya which encapsulated the essence of Raksha Bandhan & Independence Day.”

Choice 2- ‘Har Ghoont Mein Swag’ and ‘Lay’s Smile Deke Dekho’ by Pepsi

“Both these campaigns worked well for brands that function with fierce competition in saturated markets. The latter also sets a phenomenal example of Influencer marketing with smooth offline-online integration.”

Srikant Subramaniam- GM Sales of Mirum India
Choice 1- ‘Marathon of Life 2 (MOL2)’

“With the huge success of Marathon of Life 1 (MOL1), the brand recognized that there are a large portion of the audiences who relate with running marathons, and how the principles match with investment for the future as well, and in the second edition, the stories deep dive into complex ideas of Values of compounding, and others. With the films again leading from real-life stories, and brand integration both clear, but yet subtle, the messaging drove incredible engagement across digital channels.”

Choice 2- ‘Honest Offline Buying’

“Really interesting campaign on getting Youtube influencers to speak to potential customers and educating them about buying the right mattress, and getting them comfortable with buying mattresses online from Wakefit. It also brings out humorously the ways in which offline salesmen often miss sell and don’t provide the right information when it comes to buying a mattress.”

David Appasamy- Head of Brand and Strategy of Social Beat
Choice- ‘#SwiggyTalentHunt’

“Our pick would be Swiggy for leverage digital in launching and amplifying #SwiggyTalentHunt. The event aimed at creating a platform for delivery partners to showcase their talent by uploading videos on popular video-sharing app TikTok. It was a robust social media strategy in 11 languages to reach a pan-Indian audience, which resulted in 44+ million views organically. It was also a unique campaign as it targetting delivery partners and found a unique way of engaging with them”

The industry experts had very insightful look towards all the digital campaigns. Their picks very very meticulous and revolutionary. 

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