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Flipkart: A Case Study of India’s First Unicorn

As the world is rapidly changing and adapting entrepreneurial culture, we often hear about new start-ups and newly emerging unicorns. But do you remember the first Indian unicorn? Well! it's none other than your go-to online shopping spot -...

Food Hygiene has become foremost priority post COVID

One of the most desirable consequences of Covid-19 has been the increased all-round consciousness for hygiene. And among several types of hygiene such as personal hygiene, environmental hygiene etc which impact our day-to-day lives, food hygiene has naturally emerged...

Bikano Diet Mixture: Becoming a New Normal

With people becoming more health-conscious, the eating patterns are changing. From Bikano spicy mixture, people are now shifting to Bikano diet mixture. Manish Aggarwal, Director, Bikano talks about this new normal! The widely popular and ready-to-eat traditional Bikano spicy mixture...

Packaged Sweets Revolutionizing Packaged Food Industry

The packaged food industry has been through a major revolution, especially during the times of Corona. Over the past one-year, people have started giving more importance to the quality packaging more than the food inside. Here, Manish Aggarwal, Director,...

Influencer Marketing: An Effective Communication Strategy

In the times of social distancing and digital evolution, when milennials are spending a substantial amount of their time on internet, brands are roping in influencer marketing strategies to communicate with their audience. With an evolved ROI, cost per...

Dental Healthcare Fizzles Out Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

‘We live in unprecedented times.’ This statement cannot be truer than what it is off lately. Be it dental healthcare or any other industry, the COVID-19 pandemic has spread with an accelerated rate affecting millions worldwide. As countries had...

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