#ChillWithBingo to Win Amazing Prize from Bingo

Bingo Launches #ChillWithBingo Campaign to Reward its Consumers

Snacking is part of our everyday life, more so when we are chilling. Bingo! is the preferred snacking choice of millions of Indians and it is a befitting relationship in those lighter and relaxed moments. This year, most of us have been chilling at home only, and Bingo! wants to help elevate that chilling experience of consumers not just through its products but with the new campaign which can help them win prizes for those special chilling moments.

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Known for its distinct, clutter-breaking, youth-centric, witty communication, the new campaign ‘Chill With Bingo!’ is a simple announcement with a lot of moments that will make you laugh. The film has ‘Jeetu Bhaiya’ from the web series world as the son, the father is Manurishi Chadhha and the coolest, chill-most dog you would have ever seen.  The film explains to the consumers the mechanism of the contest weaved in with a funny story, and you are going to remember this one.

In this contest, consumers have to click a photo of themselves chilling with Bingo! at home, and upload the same on Instagram using the hashtag #ChillwithBingo, and they will stand a chance to win a cool recliner, a beanbag or cushions.

Commenting on the campaign, an ITC Foods Spokesperson, said “In tune with the ongoing cricketing season, there is a rise in the at-home snacking moments and Bingo! looks forward to elevating these moments in a fun way. Bingo! has successfully established itself among the top preferred brands for consumers’ snacking needs and through the campaign, Bingo! endeavours to enrich the consumers’ chilling experiences at their homes differently”.

The brand has also improved ‘chilling’ experiences of multiple other celebrities including Rahul Dua, Aishwarya Mohanraj, Prashasti Singh, Ankush Bahuguna, and others. As a brand that wants people to chill at home with them, Bingo! has hit home with the cool beanbags.

Along with digital and social media platforms, the campaign is currently live on popular GEC channels across India in 9 languages, including Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Punjabi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam.


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