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Sunfeast YiPPee Launches New TVC Featuring M S Dhoni

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Shreshtha Verma
Shreshtha Verma
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ITC’s Sunfeast YiPPee, one of the most popular instant noodles brands in India, launched the Apna Style TVC campaign that introduces consumers to devour their bowl of instant noodles in a cheerful and interesting manner. The new campaign rekindles the fun element of eating a bowl of YiPPee! noodles that are long, non-sticky and tasty, enabling an appetizing slurp-worthy instant noodle eating experience. 

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The film opens with the shot of a young boy waiting to dig into a hot bowl of YiPPee! Instant Noodles. MS Dhoni whistles to grab the boy’s attention and urges him to finish his bowl of Sunfeast YiPPee! in style. He goes on to explain the different styles that would make the boy’s experience memorable/ slurp worthy. He exhibits the ‘Round style’ that helps maintain long, unbroken instant noodles strands in the pan. ‘Spinning style’ which helps gather enough instant noodles wrapped around the fork. And finally the ‘Long Slurpy Style’ in which he slurps the instant noodles bottom-up by raising his fork above, completing a unique orchestration for the instant noodles to make the trip from bowl to mouth. 

As MS Dhoni finishes teaching the boy the right way to eat Sunfeast YiPPee! noodles, the boy recreates his style and enjoys it. The boy and MS Dhoni continue to eat their bowl of YiPPee! in a shared new style. The TVC cuts to the pack shot of Sunfeast YiPPee! Noodles with a voiceover saying “Yeh hai apna YiPPee! Noodles”. The film closes as we see the happy boy and MS Dhoni agree “It’s better, Oh yeah!”   

Elaborating on the idea, Mr. Aishwarya Pratap Singh, Head of Marketing – Snacks, Noodles & Pasta, at ITC’s Foods Division, said “Sunfeast YiPPee! instant noodles is a brand that is led by innovation since its inception and has brought about disruptive changes in the category through its unique and superior product offerings. Our round instant noodle cake enables a long, slurpy and tasty noodle eating experience for the consumers. Along with these distinguishing traits, through this campaign, YiPPee! intends to reinvent the way instant noodles are consumed and at the same time, make it a fun experience for our young and adult consumers alike. The campaign aims to reimagine the playful element of eating a bowl of instant noodles in style; a playful way to reintroduce joy in our personal experiences”. 

 Commenting on the campaign, Nilay Moonje, Group Creative Director, Ogilvy Bangalore, said “Dhoni has his own innovative style of doing things in cricket. Just as YiPPee! has its own way of making and enjoying instant noodles. So, when you place a bowl of YiPPee! in the hands of a cricket icon like MS Dhoni, what you get is an even better, fun-filled and innovative style of enjoying the noodles. Just as the boy in the film soon finds out.”

 The TVC will run across all popular GEC channels in the country in eight languages. To further amplify its reach, the campaign will be activated digitally on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. 

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