Netizens React To Pizza Delivery Boy Who Tested Positive for COVID-19

Netizens React To Pizza Delivery Boy Who Tested Positive for COVID-19

A delivery guy from food tech startup BOX8, who recently delivered pizza to 72 houses in South Delhi’s Malviya Nagar, tested positive for Covid-19. After this, all families wherein he had delivered pizza, have been home quarantined as a precautionary measure. This careless behaviour of the delivery guy, the restaurant and the delivery service operators stirred the entire nation, causing a discussion among netizens.

The asymptomatic pizza delivery boy belongs to one of the most popular restaurant aggregators and food delivery apps, Zomato. Hence a lot of people also raised questions on its safety measures.

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The food delivery app had issued a statement to justify their role in the whole delivery process.

“Some of these orders delivered by the restaurant staff were placed on Zomato. We are not sure whether the rider was infected at the time of delivery.”

Further, the company also claimed that they’ve been screening “tens of thousands” of riders each day to ensure safe home delivery of food. Zomato’s statement also elucidated that the pizza boy was only registered as a rider on Zomato, he originally belongs to a local food tech startup BOX8.

Since the aforesaid incident revolves around pizza, initially a lot of people on Twitter also misunderstood the information and thought that the pizza was delivered by Domino’s. Soon after, Twitter was flooded with tweets criticizing Domino’s for this incident.


When it became a hot topic all across the nation, Domino’s had to clarify their position. “In the interest of customers having full information, we would like to clarify that this incident does to pertain to Domino’s pizza.”

Further in the statement, Domino’s also assured customers that they’re following strict precautionary measures including zero contact delivery and sanitizing restaurants, bikes, pizza boxes and hot bags.

Here’s how netizens responded to it.



Some people on social media also reacted on the pizza delivery instance saying; ‘Dal roti Khao, corona ko bhagao.’

“Pizza delivery boy tests positive. Meaning? Daal roti khao, corona ko bhagao #IndiaFightsCoronavirus,” reads one of the viral Tweets.




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