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Quirky Promotional Strategies Of Bala Make People Go Crazy On Social Media

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Shreshtha Verma
Shreshtha Verma
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Ayushman Khurrana starer Bala has been released on Friday, November 08. While the movie has earned ₹ 43.95 Cr in just three days, its exceptionally unique marketing and promotions strategies are already trending on social media. From bald filter on TikTok which grabbed 308.6M views to the content collaboration with filter copy and other regional players, TheSmallBigIdea, takes promotions to the next level of creativity to create engagements and interactions for the unconventional movie “Bala.”

TheSmallBigIdea, the digital agency which was awarded the social media mandate for Bala, comes up with exceptionally unique marketing strategies with an objective to connect over the common problem of baldness.

Here are some quirky campaigns created by TheSmallBigIdea which introduces whole new ways of marketing and promotion in the Bollywood. These campaigns helped the creators of “Bala” to reach around 8 million people online.

Let’s have a glance how the common problem of baldness turned big with the promotions of Bala!

1) Started with wishing Bala from Bala

Akshay Kumar also played a character named Bala in his recently launched Housefull 4. A dance step from his mvoie got viral as “Bala Challenge.” TheSmallBigIdea started off the promotions for the movie Bala by featuring Ayushman Khurrana performing on Bala Challenge.



2) Ancillary content for Milestones

TheSmallBigIdea is known for their exclusively digital content. To make the promotions more interesting, they shot specific content with actors for milestones which was put out as ancillary content. These small videos gardened more than 40 million views in just 24-hours.



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3) Dialogue cards

To promote the movie, TSBI also circulated dialogue cards through Instargram. These dialogue cards by Maddock films carries the most hitting dialogues from the movie.




4) Bala Bechara

#BalaBechara was the key campaign by TSBI. This campaign features Ayushmann Khurrana (Bala) telling the audience what being bald is like. Through #BalaBechara they tried to establish an emotional connect with the Target Audience.




5) Moment Marketing

Moment marketing is already emerging as a strong tool among the marketers. Now, TSBI also used this tool to promote the movie. They cahsed every moment that came during the promotion such as Diwali, Halloween etc.






6) Instagram innovations





7) Song launches

Even the songs of Bala was were released in a very creative way. Every song release is treated as a campaign in itself. TheSmallBigIdea built every song to create intrigue to the audience for the release of the song followed by the sustenance of the same.

i) Don’t be Shy Again song content


ii) Don’t be shy again: TikTok challenge

Maddock team also collaborated with TikTok for promotions. They made this song a challenge on Tik tok which were trending on Twitter for almost three days and interestingly, grabbed 308.6 million views overall. Bollywood actors and influencers took the #Don’tBeShyAgain challenge and showed their support for Ayushman. The popular faces performrf the challenge are Arjun Kapoor, Varun Dhawan, Apartshakti, Varun Sharma, Saniya Malhotra, Neena Gupta and Gajraj Rao etc.






8) Memes

Meme marketing is another unique way that worked well for Khurrana’s Bala. These quirky memes was shared as an instagram post.





9) Content Collaboration

For the first time in the history of Bollywood, TheSmallBigIdea also did content collaboration for the promotion of a movie. They didn’t collaborated only with the big names but the regional players too. This new and unique way of marketing helped the makers of Bala to reach national as well as the local audience too. Reportedly, team Bala reached approximately 5 million people through content collaborations.

i) Bha Di Pa: It is a Marathi production company, to target specific regional audience TSBI collaborated with them.



ii) Filter copy: Filter copy is one of the biggest names that become the part of this historic content collaboration. This content reached more than 2 million people and turned out as a great deal for team Bala.


iii) BeYouNick: BeYouNick is a popular YouTube channel with more than 3 million subscribers. Team Bala did content collaboration with them as well to reach such a huge number of audience at once.

10) More challenge content

Last but not the least, TSBI also came up with some other challneges too. Like #BaalHiPyaarHai was a challenge where the viewers had to replace the work pyar with baal in every song and post their videos.


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