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Everyone is getting cautious- Twitter launches ‘Twitter Privacy Center’

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Shreshtha Verma
Shreshtha Verma
Shreshtha Verma is a media professional with 6 years of experience in journalism, including 2 years as a freelance writer and 4 years in full-time roles. With degrees in mass communication and law, she specializes in business reporting and has 3000+ bylines to her credit. Passionate about journalism, she excels in storytelling, writing, researching, editing, reporting and team leading.

After the recent debacle of Facebook, every tech giant is getting cautious about their privacy policies. To build trust even further, Twitter has launched the ‘Twitter Privacy Center’. Twitter took this step to increase the transparency of the work they are doing. It will protect the vital information their users are sharing with them on a daily basis.

Odeo led Twitter was launched on 21st March 2006. Since then it has been fighting to protect the People’s right to privacy and data protection. Twitter has been known to debase any account with ‘questionable name’ or any account that shows signs of being robot run or writing cryptic tweets. At the same time, it has also respected anyone who has used a pseudonym to seclude their identity and even let the users decide who sees their tweets. What we see as a tech giant just like Facebook, being sceptical to provide any sensitive data, but behind the scenes, there is whole another story. Twitter is working tirelessly to ensure public privacy protection focusing on these 3 points-

Fixing technical debt:

Twitter build new features on top of older systems. This is not only good for the users, but also for the business. Twitter has been communicating more and more data to its users for around 2 years now. The policy changes or even about the new products that now can reach to a wide array of people just so easily.

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Build privacy into the newly launched products:

Privacy by design is a priority with every product Twitter builds. To achieve this and maintain it, they build out processes to review the products before launch. This process involves their Information Security, Product and Privacy Counsel teams and Independent Office of Data Protection. Even every new employee goes through numerous management trainings of data privacy and security. Twitter operates an internal group called Doves which is designed to cultivate best data security and protection practices for everyone at the company. Plus, twitter is constantly speaking with users across the globe to better understand what people from different cultures and backgrounds expect when they share information on a mass platform like this.

Keep itself accountable to the people that trust them with the data: 

They have already taken numerous steps to inculcate accountability in how they operate. Their Data Protection Officer, Damien Kieran, provides a thorough and independent assessment of all privacy and data protection related work to their board of directors quarterly. They are continuing to invest in Data Management Organization so they can always report for the data they have and how it is being used. Plus, launching ‘Twitter Privacy Center’ now provides a central place to keep users updated on their privacy and data protection work and help them in being accountable to users through transparency.

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