Suniel Shetty Joins Toyam Sports as Brand Ambassador for Sports and Entertainment Synergy

Suniel Shetty Joins Toyam Sports as Brand Ambassador for Sports and Entertainment Synergy

Toyam Sports Limited (TSL), a prominent sports production, promotion, and management company, has recently announced the appointment of renowned actor and sports enthusiast Suniel Shetty as their brand ambassador for a period of three years. This collaboration comes on the heels of the tremendous success of India’s first sports reality web series, “Kumite 1 Warrior Hunt,” where Shetty served as the host.

Building a Strong Connection: Synergy between Sports and Entertainment
TSL aims to establish a strong connection between sports and entertainment by leveraging Suniel Shetty’s immense popularity and his passion for sports. This strategic partnership seeks to engage audiences in India and abroad, connecting with them through the intersection of sports and entertainment.

TSL’s Vision: Revolutionizing the Sports Industry in India
Driven by sports enthusiasts, TSL aspires to play a leading role in transforming the sports industry in India. The company envisions nurturing and empowering athletes at the grassroots level to generate opportunities for talent and elevate the sporting spirit. TSL aims to position India as a global sporting powerhouse through its initiatives.

Promoting Sports Diversity: TSL’s Endeavors
TSL has been at the forefront of promoting various sports, including Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), cricket, tennis, and more. Their efforts focus on making these sports popular both domestically and globally, expanding the reach and recognition of athletes in niche sports.

Suniel Shetty: A Perfect Fit for TSL’s Brand Ambassador
Suniel Shetty’s appointment as TSL’s brand ambassador is rooted in his passion for sports and his ability to inspire others. Shetty’s association with TSL aligns with the company’s goals of recognizing and acknowledging the abilities of Indian sportsmen not only within the country but also on a global scale.

Shetty’s Perspective: Combining Brand Purpose and Human Stories
Expressing his excitement about the partnership, Suniel Shetty emphasized the significance of the human story behind a brand. He finds TSL aptly positioned to represent as a brand ambassador, as it provides talented athletes from all corners of India with opportunities to excel in their respective fields. Shetty believes in the brand’s mission to redefine the perception of sports and athletes in India, and he has witnessed the remarkable progress of MMA athletes through his involvement in “Kumite 1 Warrior Hunt.”

TSL’s Chairman/Managing Director Mohamedali Budhwani’s Perspective Mohamedali Budhwani, Chairman and Managing Director at Toyam Sports Limited, expressed his enthusiasm for having Suniel Shetty on board. Budhwani cited Shetty’s passion for sports as a key factor in the decision to appoint him as the brand ambassador. He highlighted Shetty’s role as an incredible role model for aspiring youngsters, not only those entering the world of sports but also those pursuing their dreams.

Suniel Shetty’s Engagements: Host, Brand Ambassador, and the Face of Cricket Leagues
In addition to his role as the host of “Kumite 1 Warrior Hunt Season 2,” Suniel Shetty will actively participate in campaigns as the brand ambassador for “Kumite 1 Asian Championship.” He will also represent TSL as the face of all upcoming domestic and international cricket leagues, further expanding the brand’s influence and reach in the world of sports.

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