Samir Jain Takes Helm as President of Mondelez International India

Samir jain

In a significant development, Samir Jain has been named as the President of Mondelez International India, a leading global snack and confectionery company. The appointment, set to take effect in August, marks a new chapter in Jain’s illustrious career and brings forth immense opportunities for Mondelez’s growth and expansion in the Indian market.

Reporting to Deepak Iyer, the Executive Vice President and President of Mondelez International’s APAC, Middle East, and AMEA (Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa) regions, Jain will assume responsibility for spearheading the company’s operations in the Indian subcontinent.

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A Proven Track Record in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Sector

Samir Jain brings with him a wealth of experience in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector. Notably, he served as a prominent figure at Bunge India, a leading agribusiness and food processing company, where he held a key leadership role. Prior to his tenure at Bunge India, Jain spent a remarkable 17 years at Unilever India, a multinational consumer goods company, where he made significant contributions to its growth and success.

Joining the Ranks of Mondelez’s AMEA Leadership Team

With his new role as President-India, Samir Jain will ascend to the esteemed ranks of Mondelez International’s AMEA leadership team. This appointment is a testament to Jain’s exceptional leadership skills, industry acumen, and proven ability to drive business growth.

Mondelez International’s India Operations: A Flourishing Market

India, being one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, presents immense opportunities for multinational corporations seeking to expand their footprint. Mondelez International, known for its iconic brands such as Cadbury, Oreo, and Toblerone, has recognized the immense potential of the Indian market and aims to further consolidate its position under Jain’s astute leadership.

Expanding the Snack and Confectionery Portfolio in India

As President-India, Samir Jain will play a pivotal role in driving Mondelez International’s strategic initiatives and fostering innovation in the snack and confectionery sector. With an ever-evolving consumer landscape and increasing demand for high-quality indulgent treats, Jain’s vast experience and deep understanding of the Indian market are expected to bring about exciting new developments and offerings to captivate the taste buds of Indian consumers.

Collaboration and Synergy: A Key Focus

Jain’s appointment aligns with Mondelez International’s commitment to fostering collaboration and synergy across its global operations. With a robust distribution network, strong manufacturing capabilities, and a talented workforce in India, Jain will work closely with the AMEA leadership team to leverage these strengths and drive synergistic growth, enabling Mondelez International to unlock the vast potential of the Indian market.

A Promising Future for Mondelez International India

As Samir Jain assumes the role of President-India at Mondelez International, he steps into a position of great responsibility and opportunity. With his extensive industry expertise and strategic vision, Jain is poised to lead Mondelez International India to new heights, capitalizing on the country’s burgeoning consumer market, and delighting consumers with an array of beloved and innovative snacking experiences.

Samir Jain’s appointment as President-India of Mondelez International heralds a new era for the company’s operations in India. With his remarkable track record and deep understanding of the Indian market, Jain is well-positioned to guide Mondelez International towards continued success, strengthening its presence and delivering unparalleled snacking experiences to Indian consumers.


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