NDTV Board Approves Request to Launch Nine News Channels

NDTV Board Approves Request to Launch Nine News Channels, Expanding Presence and Emphasizing Long-Term Growth

New Delhi Television Limited (NDTV) has taken a significant step forward in its expansion plans by securing approval from its Board of Directors to formally approach the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting. The purpose of this request is to seek permission for the launch of nine new news channels, as confirmed in an official disclosure released by the company.

During a meeting held on May 17, NDTV’s Board of Directors reached a unanimous decision to pursue the necessary regulatory approvals. Once the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting grants its consent, NDTV will duly inform the stock exchanges about the planned launch dates for these channels. This meticulous process ensures transparency and compliance with regulatory guidelines.

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This strategic move follows recent statements made by NDTV in its earnings press release, outlining the company’s commitment to bolstering its market presence and achieving sustainable growth. The newly appointed Management and Board of Directors have emphasized their intent to make substantial investments in diverse areas such as content development, targeted marketing initiatives, and efficient distribution strategies. These measures are aimed at laying a robust foundation that will facilitate long-term expansion across various segments of the media industry.

It is important to note that NDTV encountered challenges in the past year when Gautam Adani, the prominent figure at the helm of the Adani Group, expressed interest in the company. Despite initial tensions, NDTV has successfully navigated through these obstacles. As a result, the Adani Group now holds a substantial stake of approximately 64.7% in NDTV through its entities, namely RRPR Holding and Vishvapradhan Commercial. This development has further solidified the company’s position and opens up potential avenues for collaboration and synergies in the future.

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With the Board’s approval for the proposed news channels and the backing of a major player in the industry, NDTV is poised to embark on an exciting chapter of expansion, aiming to deliver comprehensive and high-quality news coverage to its audiences across the country.


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