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Levista Coffee Recorded 42% Growth During Pandemic

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But this time we saw many consumers who During this time, other major brands were moving towards using Levista's instant coffee

At the time of this corona epidemic, such an atmosphere has been created that most of the people have started confining themselves to their homes. Most of the office work of epidemic is also being done from home, for this, they spend most part of the time in front of their computer. The result of this is that they have started using coffee more in their daily routine, and instant coffee is being used more in it. Subsequently, Levista Coffee, the leading coffee has recorded a 42% growth over the last year.

Due to the pressure of staying home due to Covid-19 and the fondness of “filter coffee” due to working from home, instant coffee has started to be used, which has led to a rapid increase in the sale of instant coffee. Due to the epidemic, where there has been a decrease in institutional sales from public places and closed offices, there has been an increase in domestic consumption.

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Considering the growing trend of people towards instant coffee, Levista also launched four types of coffee-flavored like vanilla, chocolate orange, caramel, and hazelnut – to suit the younger tastes.

According to Shriram S, VP of Levista Coffee, although users who like “filter coffee” to the extent of dying do not like to talk about coffee other than filter coffee, they are difficult to convert, but this time we saw many consumers who During this time, other major brands were moving towards using Levista’s instant coffee.

Bangalore-based Levista Coffeeregistered a whopping 42% growth in its Topline during FY 2020-21 battling odds against the Covid-19 pandemic and winning customers, one cuppa at a time.In 2020, Levista had established its fourth warehouse in Coimbatore, after Kushal Nagar (in Coorg, within its factory), Chennai and Bangalore. This establishment was thoughtfully leveraged to reach distributors, retailers and eventually consumers. The significant growth can be credited to this thoughtfully crafted growth strategy(among many others) which enabled the distribution ecosystem thereby reducing the distance between the brand & its consumers and leading the brand to success.

The strategically located Coimbatore warehouse currently caters to 30 districts across Tamil Nadu from Hosur in the north to Tirunelveli in the south, which are the largest coffee-consuming states in the country. The company has strengthened its store presence in Karnataka by three times and in Tamil Nadu by 2.5 times. The distribution strength has been increased by 50% to reach 450 active Partners across Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Puducherry, Goa, Trivandrum, Nellore & Chittoor Districts, and many more in the pipeline.

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Apart from building a robust distribution system, the brand was equally focused on brand building throughout 2020. Levista has been investing in advertising &marketing ever since its launch but during the past FY, they changed its approach. On the advertising front, the brand shifted its focus to the prominent vernacular news channels which had witnessed a significant jump in their viewership, thanks to the through-the-day ‘Breaking News’ segment. The brand further collaborated with Chennai Super Kings and Big Boss (Tamil & Kannada) garnering significant eyeballs and mind share for the brand resulting in strong support from the distributor community thus resulting in an increase in shelf space & sales.

Mr. S. Shriram, Vice President, Levista Coffee said, “Call it despite Corona or due to Corona. We have grown our retail presence, share of shelfin kitchens and sales by leaps and bounds during the past 11.5 months (1 – 14 April 2020 was a total national lockdown, you see). We are deeply grateful to our customers, ecosystem partners,distributors &retailers, to the staff and their families who have put in a stupendous effort to achieve this successful journey. However, I reckon that we have just begun”.

During the current financial year, Levista Coffee increased its fulltime manpower by 75%, to oversee the impending growth for the upcoming FY 21-22 during which the company aims to reach Rs. 100 Crores in turnover. “I have a very strong and capable team now, in sales, marketing and all other support services including finance control, HR and SCM. We have adapted to the ‘new normal’ and have come to terms with how the world is headed, thanks to this masked out environment all over”, adds Shriram.

The brand has also witnessed a strong surge in demand in the online space. Levista grew around 3x on Big Basket as consumers moved away from store visits to digital shopping. This increase has further propelled the brand to launch its own e-commerce division on their official website www.Levista.in and plans to garner 1% of their FY 21-22 Sales to come from their own portal.

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